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Running for 8th year, Value Investing Summit (VIS) 2019 is back with the theme of "Building a League of Hidden Champions". It is a two-day, annual conference featuring some of the best investing minds in Asia and around the world where industry experts and investors alike meet to share ideas, discuss investment strategies and support one another to navigate the investing scenes internationally. It has grown from a size of 500 to over 1,500 strong crowd today.

The Inter-Varsity Stock Research Challenge is held on the 2nd day (20 Jan 2019) of VIS. Four varsity teams will be selected to present to the expert panel. Contests will be judged on the merits of the investment thesis and the depth of research.


This unique platform and opportunity in the Challenge provides an alternative outlet for your analytical skills and intrinsic talent beyond the GPA number to be recognized by the global business and investment community and marketplace and to gain exposure to some of the most notable minds in the investment industry.

This is a chance to present your analysis to a panel of knowledgeable investments analysts and highly-respected professional investors. Obtain feedback from professionals and enhance your investment skills at the same time. Past winners were featured on Yahoo! Finance , and our media release. 


For our Inter-Varsity Stock Research Challenge,  the prizes are as follows:




This research challenge is open to full-time undergraduates in Singapore and Malaysia universities.

This event is held in Malaysia.

Each team should consist of at least 2 members, with a maximum of 4 members. In any unforeseen circumstances, should a group decide to discontinue this challenge, the team must notify the organizers at



  • 1
    Each team may submit ONE company for this challenge. The company must be public listed company in the Asia-Pacific region with a market capitalization between US$50 million and US$10 billion as at 30 November 2018. You may refer to the past examples from the top 8 finalists of VIS2017 HERE.
  • 2
    The Asia-Pacific region markets include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India and Japan. You may refer to our ​HALL OF FAME for possible ideas. Bonus marks will be given to those who can discover companies outside of the Hall of Fame. You are encouraged to engage in a discussion/dialogue about your choice of the company with the Hidden Champion Fund investment team at
  • 3
    The written report must be submitted with the Calibri font and font size 11 with no spacing between the lines of text or paragraphs.
  • 4
    Both the written report and presentation slides must be submitted in the form of PDF.
  • 5
    Both the written research report and presentation slides will have no limitations on the number of pages or slides, though succinctness, clarity and organization in analysis is strongly encouraged. Aim to be "analytical" and not "descriptive" in your approach. Submit by 30th November 2018, 2359 hrs. All sources must be cited.
  • 6
    Refer to the assessment sheet for judging criteria HERE.

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